Welcome to Outta Space!

Help Hoob earn his place on the mothership by exploring and finding items to please his "Cranky" overlord.

Default Controls:

  • WASD - Fly ship
  • Esc, Enter/Return - Pause
  • Space - Activate Tractor Beam
  • J - Rush
  • K - Drop Last Item
  • I - Open List

Secondary Controls (selected in Options>Controls ):

  • Arrow keys - Fly ship
  • Esc, Enter/Return - Pause
  • D - Drop
  • S - Rush
  • Space - Activate Tractor Beam
  • E - Open List

Notes About This Version!

This is an unfinished version of the game. There were 2 planned tie ins to the theme:

  1. The cargo hold would act as your health as well as your inventory, and you would lose the ability to use slots unless you went back to the Mother Ship for repairs.
  2. Sections of the map were going to be locked behind puzzles, and the only way to get to the more rare pickups was to expand the explorable area.

We welcome and encourage all types of feedback, and look forward to bringing you a totally decked out post-jam version with tons of features! Here are some things we've been spitballing:

  • Complete Cargo Hold implementation
  • Complete Random Character Dialogue
  • More Levels
  • And much more!

Thank you for playing our game, and we hope you had as much fun jamming as we did!

The Coal Creek Game Devs Team:

  • Evan Gottschalk - Musician, Sound Designer and Engineer
  • Zack Harmon / Moonvalk - Artist, Animator, Programmer
  • Alex Nischwitz / Lineal Games - Game Designer, Project Manager
  • Robert “Rupert” Waite - Programmer, Artist


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